About Region Pool & Spa

Region Pools is the hottest and newest inground pool installer to hit the Midwest. Comprised of individuals that have decades of combined installation experience, Region Pools seeks to offer a better customer experience with service being our top priority. Truly, we're a customer service company that happens to offer inground pool installation.

What we do:

-Install inground fiberglass pools
-Install inground trampolines (surprise!)

What we don't do:
-Open and close pools
-Pool maintenance and repair
-Above ground pools

How the process works:
Step 1: You call or fill out a quote online. Step 2: You'll speak with one of our qualified team, including Bob! Bob loves pools and knows everything about them. Plus, he loves to talk about them. You'll get your questions answered and we'll schedule a site visit.
Step 3: We'll inspect the site, answer any questions, and prepare you a quote.
Step 4: You'll get on our schedule!
Step 5: Swim, baby, swim! We'll install your pool, and you'll throw one hell of a pool party to celebrate. Or not. We're down for chill pool time, too.


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Our Services

Install inground fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are manufactured as single units and delivered to homes via semi truck. Fiberglass pools offer a wide variety of fiberglass shell colors, shapes, and sizes that accommodate both small and generously - sized backyards. We make sure they are installed at your home the right way!

Install Inground Trampolines

Here's why people love having an inground trampoline in their yard:
1. They're cool. Come on now.
2. They're affordable (starting at $7,995 with install)
3. They're safe (assuming you use as intended)
4. They're cool. Worth mentioning twice.

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1st Step

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2nd Step

We'll inspect your landscape and prepare you a FREE quote.


3rd Step

We install your pool and you start swimming!