Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

step 1

Once your pool arrives, the excavation process begins! Upon completion up to 1-2 days later, the pool is dropped into the excavated area.

Step 2

We'll pour the equipment pad and assemble the mechanicals. Gas and electric are typically scheduled at this point, as well.

Step 3

Stone backfill and pool plumbing is completed. After backfill if finalized, auto cover components are installed, as well.

Step 4

Electricians are scheduled to come back after backfill is completed. Pre-pour inspection must be done prior to concrete being started. 

Important Note About Step 4: Excavation day to concrete being poured generally takes 3-4 weeks if equipment pad has power ran to it. 

Important Note 2 About Step 4: Once concrete is finished, the auto cover is ordered (generally arrives 30 days after concrete is installed). Auto covers are a custom order for your pool.

Step 5

After the concrete is poured, you'll provide us with a punch list of anything you see that you'd like us to address. While we’re very thorough and detailed, we want you to love your pool. If there’s anything you see that you have questions on or want us to handle, this is a perfect moment for it.

Please be aware that there are various inspections that will need to be completed by the town throughout the entire building process. Please be patient with us, them, and the process, as we’re subject to their schedules and this may delay the entire process based on how backed up they are.

Final, Ultra Important Note: We know you're anxious to swim! It's not uncommon for your pool water to be green until construction is completed. Fear not, the water will clean up and go back to clear with proper treatment!

Step 6

Enjoy your totally rad, brand spankin’ new Region Pool!