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Concrete Patios

Enhance your pool install with the timeless look of a concrete patio. They're safe, easy to maintain, and look incredible throughout the year!


Paver Patios

Just a step past concrete patios are truly breathtaking paver patios. Choose from a wide range of blocks to add an unparalleled flair to your pool! While requiring very light yearly maintenance, these are a safe, great-looking upgrade that you'll enjoy for years.

RP Paver Patio


The journey between your home and your kick butt new pool takes place on...well...a deck. Make the most of that short journey by allowing us to upgrade your deck to one befitting your legendary new pool!



Oh, so you want to sit outside in the shade and admire your new aqua-riffic beauty? Sure thing. We'll build you a custom pergola that will have your neighbors asking to do you favors with the hope that you might invite them over for a sit.


Inground Trampolines

Safe, super cool, affordable, and becoming wildly popular throughout the Midwest. You might not be the first person on your block with one, but if we're installing it you'll for sure be the happiest.


Pool add-ons

What's the best way to get into a pool? However you want! Add a diving board, slide, custom lighting, or whatever else you feel like. We all know that nothing beats being launched out of a slide at mach 3 into a pool, though.


Why REgion Pools?

Since the moment our company burst forth into the world, our mission has been to deliver a better pool installation experience by putting customer service and attention above actually selling pools. Today, people turn to Region Pools to install an inground pool worthy of that killer selfie you've been waiting to take, that pool party you've always wanted to have, or to show your neighbor that you're better than them.

Customers Love us!

Bob and his crew have been wonderful to work with. We had a horrible experience with another pool contractor. Fortunately, I contacted Bob and he was able to very quickly meet with us. He happened to have a pool in stock that fit our needs based on what had been excavated by the prior contractor, and actually had the pool in the ground the next day! He was very responsive and informative, telling us all the options and estimated time frames for each. Very pleased thus far!

Katie C.

Other pool companies in the Midwest told us the wait times for a new pool were over 2 years out! We couldn't believe it. When we spoke with Region Pool, Bob assured us he could get one sooner, and HE DID! My wife and kids were thrilled. I thought we would be sitting around staring at our yard for a few years, but now we are enjoying some drinks and jumping into the pool during this great summer.

Richard P.



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