Inground Trampolines

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Here's why people love having an inground trampoline in their yard:
1. They're cool. Come on now.
2. They're affordable (starting at $7,995 with install)
3. They're safe (assuming you use as intended)
4. They're cool. Worth mentioning twice.
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Customers Love us!

We worked with Region Pool to get a new pool for our yard in St. John. Their crew made sure to show up on time and focus on making the entire process as smooth as possible. Thank you Bob! We are so happy to be enjoying the pool in this nice summer weather.

Kelly W.

Other pool companies in the Midwest told us the wait times for a new pool were over 2 years out! We couldn't believe it. When we spoke with Region Pool, Bob assured us he could get one sooner, and HE DID! My wife and kids were thrilled. I thought we would be sitting around staring at our yard for a few years, but now we are enjoying some drinks and jumping into the pool during this great summer.

Richard P.



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